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News - 04/22/10

Crux is adorable. I love the expressiveness of his coxcomb (that dangley thing on top of his head that makes him look kind of like an alien or a rabbit).


P.S. I recently noticed that if you Google "A Moment of Peace," this comic is the second thing in the search results, right under the Gregorian Chant link that I think may get top priority because it's a video (Boo. Hiss.).

Anyway, hooray! Since you have played a part in doing this, by being a person with a web browser who has navigated to my website and through doing that made Google think I'm important, I encourage you to go out and get yourself some chocolate. My gift of thanks to you.

P.P.S. If you don't like chocolate, please feel free to treat yourself to ice cream instead.

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