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News - 04/18/10

Storyteller is omnipresent (meaning she is everywhere at once), but she can only really focus on being one place at a time, just like you and I. She will occasionally try to pay attention to herself in two places at once, but it gives her a headache so she doesn't often do that.

This means her omnipresence tends to look, to the untrained observer, like the ability to magically teleport herself from place to place. This isn't entirely accurate. In this comic, Storyteller isn't really moving herself from the base of Dawn Mountain to the Ice Cream Fields--she is already in both of those places. She's just starting to pay more attention to herself in the Ice Cream Fields and release the attention she was paying to herself by the mountain.

If that's confusing at all, you can also just think of it as her magical teleporting ability, and everything will be cool.


P.S. The reason that Storyteller is omnipresent is because stories are happening everywhere. Her entire universe is a story, one that I happen to be telling. She embodies her world.

P.P.S. The other pages on the website were broken, but now they're fixed.

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