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News - 03/28/10

This is a bit overdue--I have a college friend who funnels interesting things into a blog called `a target="_blank" href=""~Chasing Sunsets`/a~. I suppose it's technically not a blog, but a Tumblelog, which seems to have less commentary and is really less a strict online journal and more a long list of references to various other things on the internet that caught the author's fancy.

He flattered me by posting a reference to one of my comics and then a quote from my `b~News`/b~ area. This resulted in me looking through many of his other entries and becoming a regular reader. He posts funny quotes, beautiful pictures, and thought provoking articles, just like everyone else and his brother who has a Tumblelog, but I like his taste and that's what you look for when shopping for this kind of thing.

Read his blog. Compliment him on it. Harass him to find a way to flip the positions of the "Newer" and "Older" buttons used to navigate his entries so that his user interface becomes more intuitive.


Note: He's very liberal. So am I, but politics and modern cultural issues don't tend to come up in my comic. Vague implications about stick-figure sex notwithstanding, I think I'm pretty uncontroversial.

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