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News - 03/25/10

I made a little computer program that might divert you. I came up with the idea about a month ago when I was testing part of my application (I'm a programmer.), making sure it reached a certain section of code. I had the program produce a pop-up to signal it had reached its objective, and since the pop-up had a place for text and I didn't need the it to contain any particular information, I put in the words: "I love you."

I found myself clicking on the button to produce the little pop-up more than I really needed to in order to error-check the program. There's something magic about those three words, even when they're coming from a machine. Perhaps especially then, because of the odd juxtaposition. There was something really delightful about my user interface expressing affection like that.

Anyway, in my free time, I did up a tiny program that does the same thing, with a bit of variety added in, because while "I love you" is an important base, finding a variety of ways to express the sentiment is half the fun. At first I called it the "I Love You Application," but I decided that sounded too much like a well known virus, so I renamed it "Beloved Program." You can download it here:

`a target="_blank" href=""~Beloved Program Installer`/a~

`a target="_blank" href=""~Beloved Program Binary`/a~

Note: The install file puts a shortcut on your desktop and a shortcut/uninstaller in your start menu. Please pardon the mess--I just wanted to make sure it was easy to access and remove for anyone not so computer savvy.


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