So, You Gave Your Heart Away

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News - 01/13/10

Good god. I need to start spending less time making these things. I was planning to do things this evening. Like go out and see "Avatar" or play with my new cats. Still. This turned out really well, I think. I wish I could have made it into two comics, but I would have hated to interrupt the flow. I think this comic has nice flow. It pleases me.

Have I mentioned that it's somewhat hard to come up with new ways to differentiate stick figures? I rather like mustache-and-beard guy. He may appear again.

Welp. I'm going to go read about 18th century England for thirty minutes before getting to sleep at a reasonable hour. Ciao!


P.S. Please take another gander at the previous comic. I changed it slightly in a way I think improves the flow of the entire story. Flow is the word of the day. Flooooooow.

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