The Worst Kind of Death

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News - 01/07/10

Evi waxes a little grim. Abigail plays with photoshop. And stays up WAY past her bedtime to finish this. I'm not sure if the amount of work I put into particular comics is easy to discern, given their simplicity, but this one took a while to finish. Maybe I'm out of practice.

I've updated the tiny message about when this comic updates to reflect more accurately how I work. Any time on Wednesday or Sunday is fair game for a comic appearing, and I do not officially recognize Thursday or Monday having started until I go to sleep and wake up in the morning.


P.S. This comic used to be the start of a series of Christmas filler comics. You can see them as soon as I finish making the Extras portion of the website that I'm working on. I encourage you to poke me about this.

No Longer Updated

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