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News - 11/27/09

Wow. I totally finished this comic in advance, and then lost track of what day it was. I suppose that's what vacation does. Tsk on me.

I've been playing games by `a target="_blank" href="http://nifflas.ni2.se/" ~Nifflas`/a~ lately. I am starting to think of them as the epitome of what a video game can be. They are so simple, so easy to learn, but become complex and difficult over time. They also have the most amazing atmospheres. They combine beautiful landscapes, music, and tiny animated creatures to create distinct feels for the various areas. (It's a world filled with strange monsters. I suppose it's inevitable that I'd like it.). I wish there were a bit more writing, but there's a fly in every ointment.

Knytt is the first simplest game, and an okay one to start with. My favorite so far is Knytt Stories, which takes the basic premise of free exploration and makes in increasingly awesome by adding complexity.


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