The Blind Philosopher

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News - 11/05/09

I once had a math professor who talked about the divine mysterious beauty of the asymptote. He thought it was a deeply romantic concept--that two lines could spend forever getting incrementally closer and closer, but never touch.

That sort of wistful sweetness feels emblematic of `a target="_blank" href=""~xkcd`/a~, a web comic I admire greatly, and is huge part an inspiration for A Moment of Peace.

There is one less than obvious reference to `a target="_blank" href=""~xkcd`/a~ in my current comic that I feel is worth pointing out. The rock that the blind philosopher is sitting on is reminiscent of `a target="_blank" href=""~this island`/a~. All the other symbols and references I think are fairly explicit.

P.S. I feel it is amusing to note--we're at moment 69. If we count each moment as a second, than this comic has been going on for more than a minute! I will do something appropriately celebratory at 100.

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