Monster Hunters

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This is moment sixty. In comic-time, a minute has passed.
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News - 11/01/09

This is the first comic produced on my new drawing desk! Woot!

The hunters here are an homage to the browser-based game `a target="_blank" href=""~Kingdom of Loathing`/a~, another stick figure-based, monster-heavy corner of the internet. It's lots of fun. It's one of those lovely games that's easy to pick up, but has a lot of depth.

It can appeal to a wide range of people. People who like puns. People who like role playing games. People who like the logic puzzle of maximizing efficiency. People who like puns. People who like playing with fictional representation of a living economic environment. People who REALLY like puns.

Anyway. Check it out, if you like (or at least can tolerate) puns.


P.S. The individuals attacking the winged snake monster are a Seal Clubber, a Disco Bandit, and a Pastamancer. The Seal Clubber and Pastamancer are armed with their basic class weapons, while the Disco Bandit seems to have acquired a crossbow. The Seal Clubber also seems to have aquired a six-rainbow shield somehow, which means he has at least 70 Muscle, so he should probably be wielding something better than a seal-clubbing club, but, eh, whatever. The Pastamancer is casting entangling noodles.

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