Sketch 1 - aMoP Monsters as Pokemon

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If my monsters were actually pokemon, their progression might look a little like this.
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News - 01/09/11

I've decided to spend the rest of January and maybe a bit of February posting sketches and blog posts before leaping into another storyline.

In other news. This is what the `a href=''~Leering Gobbler in lingere`/a~ looks like.

This picture is not my fault. This is Rachel's fault.

Rachel is a unnervingly awesome woman who I met in college. We played in the same Vampire-themed roleplaying game. Every single member of the game-staff has at one point had a nightmare about her character.

See some more of her dark, epic, non-Leering-Gobbler-related work in `a href=''~this blog post`/a~.


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