Finding George

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News - 05/14/09

Last Sunday:

I am grocery shopping while tired and I suddenly become aware that I am losing my eyesight.

Things in the distance are blurry. Aisle three has soup, condiments, and something I can't quite make out. I am always very much inside my own mind, and this slight disfocus makes me feel even more separated from the world. I feel like I'm falling into myself, watching my links to everything outside distort and cave with imperceptible slowness. It's not frightening. It's a pleasant feeling. Like I'm a small boat whose mooring has been cut and I am drifting off into the endless ocean of my own thoughts, separated from perception.

I pass an aisle that has a crate of big rubber balls and pause to throw one up and down for a minute. The strange feelings pass. I buy croissants, strawberries, and chicken. I wonder how I will look with glasses.


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