Unremitting Sorrow

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Apologizing: a very desperate habit, one that is rarely cured.  -  Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.
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News - 09/19/10
I love hearing people speculate about where Crux's Climb is going.

I've had the pleasure of listening to a variety of theories and observations lately, and they all give me deeper understanding of how the story and characters are perceived, and they all delight me.

I've decided to post some of my most entertaining online conversations on this subject in my blog. The first one is about `a href="http://www.amomentofpeace.net/writing/on-the-subject-of-happy-endings-and-sex/"~whether a happy ending is possible, and sex`/a~.

If you have any observations or wild theories about how Story, Crux, and Ito are going to end up, please post them in the blog comments, or email me. Spiritsnail inadvertently revealed something very important to me when we talked about possible endings, and he's getting a comic dedicated to him.


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