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News - 07/07/10
me: Crux piped up in internal conversation the other day! I've been waiting for the cast of aMoP to start socializing.

Becky: Hooray! I quite liked their theme song choices.

me: I love Frou Frou. So much.

Becky: As do I.

Becky: What sort of music do you think Ito would get a song from?

me: Ominous classical. Maybe, what's it, that song at the end of Fantasia where there's a demon that's a mountain peak.

Becky: That's exactly what I thought of. Gimme two seconds to find the name.

me: (Does the accurately representing the souls of her characters dance)

Becky: Night on Bald Mountain?

me: YES.


me: And it works! Because he's bald!

(The above news entry pertains to the news entry from 06/20/10.)


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