Crux's Plan

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This story would have gone a lot differently if Crux had turned around and looked at Story right now. He's not THAT dense.
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News - 05/05/10

I enjoy using Story's ribbon-scarf to express her emotions.

In other news: `a target="_blank" href=""~The Strange and Somewhat Sinister Tale of the House at Desert Bridge`/a~

This is beautiful and clever and wistful. It has a similar art style to my comic (i.e. It's clear what's happening but looks a bit like a child drew it.), and the feel of a mystical, odd, simple, but deep place. The puzzles are sometimes clever and sometimes random, and I do not believe I would have been able to finish the game without the aid of a walk-through, but that never bothers me.

I love the story. And the book titles. And the ending. The endings of video games rarely satisfy me--they always seem too brief and like they're trying to get to the credits as fast as they can now that the action is over. I want to be rewarded with funny, character-driven cinematics, satisfying resolutions, or extensive epilogues. Anyway, I found this ending very satisfying.


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