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News - 04/29/10

Abigail's To Do List:

( X ) Write next comic.

( X ) Post next comic.

( X ) Buy more paper towels.

( ) Learn how Twitter actually works.

It seems that Twitter, which I had previously regarded as just a pretty bauble to put on my site to attractively feature my clever observations, is actually a medium for communication.

Okay, so I actually always knew this was the case, but for some reason it didn't occur to me that people would actually try to communicate with me over Twitter.

As a result, I completely missed that on April 17th, `a target="_blank" href=''~MapleSyrup42`/a~ sent me this `a target="_blank" href=''~totally kicking new piece of fan art`/a~ featuring the real and serious danger of using the Hulking Shyster as a slide without first taking stock of your surroundings. Poor Clorian. I hope those orange fish aren't toothy or poisonous. I'm so happy, I'm gonna go hang this in the `a target="_blank" href=''~Fan Art`/a~ page right now!

Also through Twitter, I have discovered that Google Image Search will give you some very pretty results if you search for either 'rose trellis' or 'strawberry tart'. Try it, if you dare.


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