Welcome to A Moment of Peace!

This is an online comic about riddles, gods, shy monsters,
enlightened slugs, stealing dreams, crushing hope,
and falling in love.

The comic begins here:

The First Moment

But I recommend you start reading at this story:

Crux's Climb

And then go back and read the beginning later.

A Few Informative Notes:

New comics appear when I feel like posting them.

Many of the comics have text that will appear if you rest your mouse
on them for a while. Try it on the picture to the left.

The comic is written and drawn by me. I am Abigail Corfman.
I live in New York City. I'm a professional programmer and part
time fantasy writer. I enjoy programming, crocheting, and
expressing love.

In my free time, I help run a zombie-themed LARP called Dystopia Rising.

If you would like to contact me, use the address:

beautiful.lightness AT gmail.com

I love getting email about the comic.

If you like the comic and would like to help me spread the word about
is, take a look at the Help page.

The name 'A Moment of Peace' comes from an idea I have that life
is made up of moments, strung together. All that we can experience,
all that we have, is each moment one at a time.

I am an anxious person. Happy, but anxious. Drawing these comics
brings me out of myself and makes me calm and centered.

The moments that I spend planning and making these pictures are
peaceful. I like them. So I named the comic after them.

I will occasionally refer to individual comics as moments.

Updated Whenever I Feel Like It